Wheel barrow planter

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This idea allows for continued usability for the wheelbarrow.


Whether you’re in the market for a vessel to show off a prized plant or looking for a pot to stuff full of blooms to brighten up a shabby patio, there’s a garden planter for all occasions.

The choice is vast and bewildering, thanks in turn to advances in the manufacturing process and the shift in demand from traditional, heavy terracotta to more lightweight materials that can be sculpted into a host of funky shapes and designs.

Many gardeners like to swap, change and move plants around (we can be an indecisive bunch), so having your plants housed in something less weighty makes this process a lot easier and less likely to end in injury.

Did you know that any old wheelbarrow can become a spectacular new planter for your garden? With a little bit of effort and style, you can create your own unique design!

Old and retired gardening gear makes for a great addition to the garden itself. For an easily planted, whimsical landscaping idea, you can roll an old wheelbarrow into any open space in the garden, planting it with a beautiful collection of flowers.

Add a wheelbarrow planter to your garden and create an old-fashioned look to your backyard and home.
Using a brand new, colorful wheelbarrow with a plastic bin, this setup involves a large box planter, plus space around the edges for tools. This idea allows for continued usability for the wheelbarrow, as well as portability for the flowers.


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