About Us

The Backyard Gardener – Uganda is a social media platform whose membership numbers over 25,000 people. Amongst its members are professionals, amateurs, suppliers and managers of gardening-related businesses and establishments. Its membership is typically made up of upwardly mobile Ugandans, East Africans, expatriates and some members of the international community between the ages of 28 and 90. Members of the page are encouraged to interact with one another, and page participants show off the plants they grow domestically, and share home and gardening ideas. Other activities on the page include buying, selling and swapping of plant specimens and cuttings, as well as interactions regarding technical information on pesticides, seedlings, plant and flower species, tools, and things of that nature. The Backyard Gardener – Uganda is guided by the belief that everyone in every village, town and city should benefit from growing plants to enhance lives, build stronger, healthier, happier communities, and create beautiful living spaces.  

Our team

Key Human Resource Brief at The Backyard Gardeners Limited

Diana Miiro

Founding Partner

Occupation – Project Management Consultant;

Additional Details – Founder, Managing Director, Faith’s Petals and Stems. Certified Information Technology service consultant.

Victoria Mbabaali

Founding Partner

Occupation – Wedding Planner;
Additional Details – Certified Public Relations Consultant.

Julie Mbabaali

Managing Partner

Occupation – Cross Industry Certified Designer (Film, Artistry);
Additional Details – Costume, Buy and Floral Artistry.

Christine Kyomugisha Zake

Finance & Administration

Occupation – Certified Professional Accountant;
Additional Details – Chief Manager Finance at aBi Trust; Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants; Member of the Institute of Certified public accountants of Uganda.