Here are a few great tips for planting carrots in a backyard vegetable garden!

Soil preparation is key when sowing carrots in your home vegetable garden.

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  • It is important that you grow your carrot seeds in a well-drained, loose, loamy, sandy soil.
  • A few weeks before planting your carrots, make sure the soil is a light, clod free, crumbly mixture.
  • It’s easy to grow fresh, sweet, organic carrots in your own backyard!

Before Planting Carrots

Add plenty of organic materials to the garden soil before planting carrot seeds.

Seeds will germinate in temperatures as low as 40 degrees, but grow better in temperatures reaching nearer 50 degrees.

Sowing Carrot Seeds in the Garden

  • Sow carrot seed about one inch apart.
  • Seedlings should appear in a few weeks.
  • Thin plants when they reach about an inch tall.
  • Plant rows at three week intervals if you desire a bounty of carrots to last through the summer.

    Soil Preparation for Growing Organic Carrots

    Carrots require enriched soil that is moist, fertile, and drains well.

    To prepare the soil for growing organic carrots, work plenty of organic matter into the seedbed before sowing carrots.

    Add compost to the soil a month prior to planting and again two weeks after the seeds are planted.

    Avoid using green manure.

    When preparing the bed make certain you remove all large debris such as sticks and stones that could block the vegetable’s growth down below.

    Turn the garden bed soil and rake through it several times.